Enzymes And Their Applications In Starch And Glucose Industry

Regarding to invitation from Starch, Glucose and Derivative Association Board, Mr Masaebi; One day educative seminar related to” Enzyme and its application in Starch and Glucose industry” was held on 8th of Esfand 1396 in Tehran Chamber of Commerce.

Around 16 companies involved in producing starch, gluten and derivatives were participated in this event.

The seminar instructors were from Novozymes – the leader of enzymes production in the world.

Prashant Bapat, Martin Lindegaard, Adil Marvi and Emre BAĞCI expressed useful information regarding enzymes and their applications in Starch and Glucose industry and discussed about the condition and benefits related to enzymatic process.

The main subjects discussed are as below:

–          Enzyme and its various applications

–          The comparison between sweetener production via acidic, acid-enzyme and enzyme-enzyme processes

–          List of enzymes used in sweetener production

–          Wheat starch specification and gluten separation

–          Questions and Answers related to production of starch and glucose

Meetings and negotiations between senior executives, production experts, quality control, R&D and technical specialists from Novozymes had provided a great opportunity for Iranian factories  to gain the latest achievements in this area, which are now used worldwide.