Egg-replacing ingredient

Egg-replacing ingredient

4 Jan 2019

Egg-replacing ingredient the focus of distribution agreement

Renmatix Inc. and The Ingredient House L.L.C. will promote Simple Cellulose, a plant-based ingredient that has been shown to replace eggs in baked foods after the two companies signed a distribution agreement.

Simple Cellulose has been shown to provide manufacturers up to 50% in cost-in-use savings. The ingredient offers benefits in emulsification, texturizing, moisture retention and fat replacement. Possible baked foods applications include bread, muffins, cookies, and donuts. Future applications may include soups and sauces, meat and dairy systems.

Simple Cellulose is made from a variety of plants and agricultural feedstocks, and it may appear as Simple Cellulose on the ingredient lists of products. In creating Simple Cellulose, Renmatix used its Plantrose process, a water-based technology platform developed to convert raw plants into bio-based ingredients and sustainable products.

“The demand for novel plant-based ingredients like Simple Cellulose, provides an exciting next chapter for consumers,” said Mike Hamilton, chief executive officer of Renmatix.

The Ingredient House that produces ingredients is pleased joining with Renmatix to bring this unique ingredient to the food market, they are focusing on leading bakery manufacturers.

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