Use of Plum and Prune juice concentrates as ingredients in Sauces

IFU member Bösch Boden Spies have shared their suggestions for the use of plum and prune juices as alternative ingredients in sauces. In sauces, plum ingredients enhance naturally existing flavours, such as those of herbs and spices, and reduce undesirable off-tastes such as the metallic flavour of tinned tomatoes. Dried plum puree in particular gives dark sauces a thick consistency and an attractive brown colour, thus eliminating the need to use caramel colouring. At the same time, plum ingredients can significantly reduce overall sugar content in sauces. Due to their naturally high sorbitol content, more than 25 percent of the total sugars is actually a naturally occurring sugar alcohol, which does not count towards sugar content and contains just 2.5 kilocalories per gram. The natural acidity of the fruit also enhances the sensation of sweetness and flavour By enhancing flavours and seasonings, plum ingredients also allow the significant reduction of the salt content e.g. by about 30 to 70 percent in barbecue sauces. These characteristics make the plums particularly adapted for use in sauces based on either tomatoes or soy, where the sugar or salt level may often be higher than desired. Even when used as the primary ingredient in tomato sauces, for example, the plum will not impart a fruity note but rather enhance the depth of the desired tomato flavour, reducing both the need for sugar, sodium and spices.

Kids Tomato Ketchup

• Tomato from paste 75%

• Plum juice concentrates 7%

• Acerola juice concentrate 2,8%

• Water, sugar, vinegar, salt, spices, pepper extract


BBQ Sauce

• Tomato from paste 50%

• Prune juice concentrate 7%

• Ginger juice 3%

• Water, sugar, vinegar, molasses, salt, smoke flavor, spices, pepper extract


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