Yeast extract; A rich source of umami flavor

Yeast extract; A rich source of umami flavor in vegetarian meat

Vorna Zist Farayand Pars
Vegetarian meat is not only used by vegetarians, vegans and animal lovers; Many people who cannot eat red meat due to certain diseases can also eat vegetarian meat. But the important challenge of vegetable meat producers is to create a good taste similar to animal meat.
What is the difference between vegan and vegetarian?
In a vegan diet, a person avoids consuming any products that contain animal products. Vegans believe that humans should live without abusing animals. The word vegan means non-dairy vegetarians.

Eating meat is also prohibited in a vegetarian diet. Therefore, vegetarians avoid consuming red meat, chicken and fish or any by-product of animal slaughter. In this diet, eating eggs, milk, yogurt and dairy products in general is free; However, the use of gelatin obtained from cow tendons is prohibited.
Umami taste of yeast extract
The umami taste is something similar to the taste of meat extract, and this is the strong point for using yeast extract in herbal products. Adding yeast extract to food products intensifies and strengthens the meaty taste of food products. Aromatic active compounds together with sugars as well as amino acids, fats and nucleotides in yeast extract create a pleasant aroma and umami taste in food products. Among these compounds, ribonucleotides and special amino acids, including glutamate, are key components that induce umami taste.
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