For cookie and cracker production, flours poor in protein with a weak gluten structure are most suitable. If the gluten in the flour is too strong, the biscuit or cracker dough becomes difficult to handle and become brittle with uneven shape.

By adding suitable enzymes, flours rich in protein are also able to be used in this industry.
We can supply you with enzymes that enhance the quality of biscuits, wafers, and crackers.
Soft candy and other treats made with sugar, especially soft center candies often have short shelf life because the sucrose contained in the product begins to crystallize soon after the confection is produced.
Enzymes convert sucrose to simple sugar crystals and overcome this problem.

List of enzymes in Confectionary


Enzyme type

Enzyme name

Keeps freshness and soft texture in cakes during shelf life Maltogenic amylase
Weakens gluten network and better dough handling
Makes even texture, shape and color in product
Improves dough machinability
Can be used instead of whole or part of reducing agents
Protease Shapeit Biscuit
Protease Neutrase