Meat processing

  • Reduce the salt content

    Salt is an indispensable ingredient in most meat products. Not only does it provide the right taste and storage stability; it also ensures binding functionality. However, focus on cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure as a result of excessive salt in food is steadily increasing. Through Novozymes enzymatic solutions, you can produce meat protein extract (MPE) that reduces the amount of added salt in meat while retaining the great taste and properties of processed meat.
    MPE can be used in a number of food products such as meat cuts, processed foods, soups and sausages. Using MPE provides reduced salt content, higher quality and flavor while improving the economy of the total process.

  • Fish protein extracts (FPE)

    Imagine, up to half the weight of processed fish being classified as coproducts, it makes environmental and economic sense to create value from fish coproducts and turn it into more valuable products.
    With the industry focusing on sustainability and the costs of raw materials rising, there has never been a better time to transform coproducts into nutritious fish protein extracts using eco-efficient enzymes.