Powder detergent

  • Stain removal easily

    You can use milder ingredients that work at lower temperatures and save your clothes to last longer.In laundry, enzymes break down the basic components of stains and soils so they can be washed away more easily. So, enzyme added to a laundry detergent can provide a significant cleaning benefit to the consumer. The experiments show  beneficial to combine different enzyme types to improve overall stain-fighting performance.

  • Feel the whiteness

    White clothes lose their whiteness over time, turning either gray or yellow. Enzymatic whiteness is a revolutionary solution for laundry detergents that whitens clothes by preventing soil re-deposition and fabric graying. In recent innovative technology in detergent industry, enzymes can be used instead of chemical bleaching agents.

  • Keep colors bright and fabrics like new

    Specific enzymes in detergents can cleave protruding fibers and keep fabric surfaces smooth and make colors bright. Also, make your favorite clothes look new. By introducing enzymatic solutions instead of chemicals, laundry detergent producers can deliver products that keep colors bright and fabrics like new, even in cold water.

  • Why are you still washing your clothes with warm water?

    Wash your laundry on cold, and you save the energy needed to heat up the 40 gallons of water used in a typical load. Heat isn't the only force of nature that can loosen molecules of grease and dirt from clothes and speed up cleaning.
    Novozymes’ enzymes, helps the detergent producers to tackle stubborn stains in cold water.

  • Hand washing Particular clothes

    Not all clothes can be washed in the machine; Items such as delicate clothes, wool sweaters, and silk blouses may retain their color and shape best when washed by hand. So check the care label before washing clothes.
    Powerful enzyme solutions are ideal for hand wash detergents. So, you will have:

    - Higher degree of stain removal
    - Great performance in wide range of temperature from cold to hot
    - Less mechanical action is needed to wash the clothes

  • Save the environment

    Laundry detergents that contain enzymes help you to wash your clothes in cold water so; there is no need to warm up large volume of water.

    In formulations that use enzymes, the harsh ingredients can be replaced by biodegradable enzymes to save the environment.