Americans seek vitamins, minerals in hybrid beverages

Americans seek vitamins, minerals in hybrid beverages

April 2017

New research from Mintel reveals that more consumers are on the hunt for functional beverages that support their fast-paced lifestyles, with vitamins and minerals the attribute consumers say they look for the most in their ideal hybrid drink (drinks that combine two or more drink categories). As the popularity of functional and hybrid drinks increases, opportunities for product innovation could offer a boost for some beverage categories.

Among the hybrid drinks consumers report drinking regularly or those they have tried, bottled water with added health benefits (e.g., protein, vitamins, antioxidants), carbonated juice, and juices with added functional benefits (e.g., energy, relaxation) are among the most popular.

Juice drinks and smoothies are forecast to have increased a mere 1.2% in 2016, representing minimal gains of 4% since 2011, according to Mintel research. But while product innovation has led Americans to other drink segments in search of flavor and format variety, there may be an opportunity for a juice revival through the introduction of hybrid drinks as hybrid drinks consumers are most interested in juice-based hybrid drinks than any other base.

Antioxidants, energy, and electrolytes also top the list of attributes Americans say they look for in the ideal hybrid drink. For many Americans, hybrid drinks seem to be an unplanned pick-me-up as consumers say they are most likely to have hybrid drinks in the afternoon, on-the-go, and as a treat.

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