Berry is top choice in flavored water

Bottled water volume sales are seeing continued strong growth, driven by consumers’ search for alternatives to sugary drinks. And these trends are benefiting the flavored water category, according to Comax Flavors.

By Mary Ellen Shoup  03 Nov. 2017

This year the company surveyed 500 people between the ages of 18 and 70 to find out more about attitude to flavored water.

Recognizing that consumers are substituting flavored water in lieu of soda and juice, Comax wanted to investigate flavored water consumption habits and usage among the general population.” Catherine Armstrong, VP of corporate communications for Comax Flavors, said.

According to the survey in March 2017, Almost60% of respondents said that flavor is the most important factor they look for: followed by price and health benefits.

In this research berry was found to be the most consumed flavored water preferred by more than 50% of respondents in different generations (Baby boomers: 72-57 yrs, Gen X: 56-37 yrs and Gen Y: 36-22 yrs)

Consumers in the Gen Z age group were shown to be the heaviest consumers of “tropical” flavors and the largest consumer of citrus-flavored water at 63%.

In terms of health benefits, roughly half of respondents said they sought water products that could serve as a soda replacement and that”too much sugar” was considered the top reason why they “disliked” certain beverages.

Children’s hydration

The survey also found that 75% of parents add flavor to their children’s water, compared to 56% of adults who flavor their own water. The most common ways parents add flavor to their children’s water is fruit, juice, powder and …

Research also showed that children of all ages were the largest consumers of plant-based water at 53% including maple, cactus, and birch compared to 9% of adults who consume the same types of plant-based similarity, nearly twice as many children consumer coconut water (39%) compared to adults (20%)

However, more conventional flavors such as berry lemonade, fruit punch, tropical, and citrus were the most consumed flavor water types, according to the survey.

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