Saphera wins the award at the Gulfood Manufacturing event in Dubai!

Saphera, the versatile, lactose-free solution, wins the award for most innovative health food ingredient at the Gulfood Manufacturing event in Dubai! Read why the lactase is seen as game-changing.

Consumers are increasingly more aware of what they eat and drink. They demand healthy foods and understandable labels. The result is a boom in “free-from” dairy products that are low in sugar, fat and lactose.

Taste. Quality. Price.

Milk consumer trends

Health-conscious consumers demand “free-from” products that don’t compromise on taste, convenience or price. They also want labels with fewer ingredients.

Enzymes help make this possible by enabling greater efficiency and innovation.

Cut out the Lactose

About 70% of the world’s population has some degree of Lactose intolerance. Even those who don’t are increasingly demanding low-lactose and lactose –free products for health and lifestyle reasons.

Novozymes Saphera allows for better control of lactose elimination. Saphera breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose, two natural sugars in milk. This creates natural sweetness, which means less added sugar and a healthier, lactose-free products.