More washing, an opportunity for the detergent industry

More than a year after the corona outbreak, some immediate procedures may have become a habit and some may have returned to normal.

Some people have reduced their washing rate and are less sensitive, while others, who are relatively smaller in number, have not made any significant changes to their previous pre-coronary lifestyle. But there are still some people who clean their houses and wash their clothes with the same intensity and frequency during the first weeks of the corona outbreak. Therefore, the total consumption of detergents and the tendency to use disinfectants and washing at home has increased more than before.

Although the crisis over the shortage of detergents and disinfectants has ended and the market has become more balanced, the demand for these products is still high, in fact the home care industry is expanding rapidly and showing significant growth compared to the previous year.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the efficiency of detergent products because they want to clean enough and more people have started shopping online, so it is important that the industry is able to meet consumer expectations.

In such situation, it is important that the main players in this industry make the right decisions and strategies so that they can take full advantage of this opportunity. Claims, advertisements and types of products should be in accordance with the needs of the consumer.

If you are active in this industry, have to adopted a good strategy during this period or you are changing according to this situation and you may need to hear the following points from some actors in this industry:

Continue to invest in innovation

In times of crisis, it is tempting to postpone research and development activities because the impact on profits seems risky and uncertain. But do not fall into this trap. Innovation in the home care category is currently driving sales, which means that now is the right time to focus twice on research and development.

The creative product is the best propellant in such uncertain times. In fact, consumers’ interest in innovation is very little influenced by global events. If a consumer sees value in your product, he or she will buy it, whether it is the corona or not.