Novozymes Medley® blends

New enzyme blends save costs and enable better detergents

Novozymes launches new Medley® blends to help detergent manufacturers in emerging markets apply enzymes in water-rich detergents.

Novozymes, the world’s largest enzyme manufacturer, has launched three new blends of its Medley solution for liquid laundry detergents. The enzyme blends are made to meet the needs of consumers in emerging markets.

Novozymes’ Medley range is tailored to different laundry habits around the world. Consumers want their laundry detergent to perform different tasks, from removing stains to preserving colors and fabric. For example, Europeans want colors to last longer, while consumers in Asia perceive cuffs and collars as being particularly difficult to clean. This is why Novozymes makes Medley available in multiple versions to accommodate different regional needs.

“Staying competitive in the detergent industry means that detergent manufacturers have to constantly differentiate themselves in a crowded market,” says Mikael Bechsgaard, Vice President at Novozymes. “Medley provides a flexible way for them to do that by offering consumers visible benefits that meet their everyday needs.”

Enzymes in water-rich detergents
Many detergents, especially in emerging markets, contain a lot of water and this reduces the effect of some enzymes. The enzymes in the new Medley blends have been developed by Novozymes’ scientists to secure stability and consistent performance wash after wash in detergents with high water content.

“Medley is a plug-and-play solution that secures stability, performance and cost savings across the value chain,” says Mikael Bechsgaard


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