In the dairy industry, the application of enzymes is well established. Some enzymes are required for the production of cheeses, yogurt and other dairy products, while others are used in a more specialized way.

Enzymes can be used to produce products with better texture or flavor, also during shelf life and also for more efficient production with better yields.

According to the latest research study released by Technavio Co., The global lactose-free food market will grow at a steady pace.
Lactose-free food products are highly digestible, which enhances its bio-availability and meet the lactose intolerant people needs.

List of enzymes in Dairy

Benefits Enzyme type Enzyme name
Increases pizza cheese production through changing Lactose into Lactobionic acid and getting involved in cheese texture Catalase Catazyme 25 L
Helps production of low-lactose and non-fermented milk products
No Invertase and Amylase activity unlike other competitors in the market
 Beta-Galctosidase (Bacterial) Saphera
Helps production of low/ free lactose products
Helps to remove Lactase in low lactose milk in a controlled process
Due to high purity,offtaste would be rare
It is a sterile Lactase for UHT milk
Can be sugar substituted in health oriented products
Avoids crystal creation in ice cream
Beta-Galactosidase (Fungal) Lactozym Pure
Helps flavored cheese production
Reduces cheese aging and saving cost
Lipase Palatase
Makes special flavor in cheese Endo protease Alcalase
Improves taste in cheese, snacks, ready meals, soup and biscuits Neutral Endoprotease Neutrase
Makes special flavor in cheese
Reduces cheese aging and saving cost
Amino peptidase Flavourzyme