• Optimize your process capacity

    The demand of fruit juices is increasing day by day as a result of increasing health awareness among the people. Most of juice extraction processes are not producing satisfactory quantity and quality of juices. Enzymatic extraction of juices results in higher yield. Novozymes gives you the best solutions to increase juice yield,clarify juice,enhance color and optimize your process capacity.

  • Have a clear apple juice

    Juices extracted from ripe fruit contain a significant amount of pectin. Pectin imparts a cloudy appearance to the juice and results in an appearance and mouth-feel that many consumers do not find appealing.

    Pectinases are naturally occurring enzymes that act on pectin yielding a crystal clear juice with the appearance, stability, mouth-feel, taste, and texture characteristics preferred by consumers. While pectinases naturally occur in most fruits used to make juice, the manufacturer often adds more to produce clear juice in a reasonable amount of time.