Bank on your bone and joint health

Maintaining calcium levels while young is crucial in helping to prevent osteoporosis in later life.
As we get older, the threat of osteoporosis focuses the mind on maintaining healthy bones. But, in truth, it’s not something that should be put off until middle age, as the origins of the disease often lie in childhood. “You build a certain amount of bone mass during childhood, puberty and adolescence, and you reach peak bone mass in your 30s. After that, you cannot accrue more,” explains Pernille Frederiksen, research scientist with Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI). “Think of it like a bank account. You want to deposit as much into your savings as possible until you’re 30.” Growing awareness of the importance of healthy bone status throughout life is, therefore, a key market driver for functional ingredients. Across a wide variety of markets, bone health ingredients present a growing opportunity that manufacturers would be wise to exploit.
Reference : 20¬Oct¬2016 ,