Plant protein: getting to the right taste

Plant protein: Getting to the right taste

This report includes findings from Quid platform on healthy eating and a Novozymes’ plant protein consumer research conducted in the USA in December 2018 with an online panel of a 1,000 respondents, carried out by Natural Marketing Institute (NMI).

(Novozymes is solely responsible for its contents.)

1/3 of the population is trying to cut down red meat consumption

Conscious consumers leaning toward plant-based proteins

Gone are the days when veganism and a predominantly “green diet” appealed to just a tiny section of consumers. Consumers today are extremely conscious about the food choices they make and their impact on their health and the environment. This is a global trend that is gaining traction and is leading to an increase in the popularity of plant-based protein alternatives. Global retail chains such as Tesco and Aldi are responding to this growing demand by adding more vegan products on their shelves. Fast food giants, too, are introducing plant-based dishes on their menus to attract young consumers.

About 90% of consumers read ingredient labels regularly/occasionally, checking if food products meet expectations. Almost all consumers find it important to lead a healthy lifestyle.

9 in 10 read ingredient labels

Protein is the most talked about topic on health forums

On NetDoctor, approximately 34% talks were around protein (650+ discussions). Discussions around veganism, weight loss/obesity and breakfast have gained popularity in the last 2-3 years. Consumers are talking about health benefits of veganism/vegetarian diets on health blogs.

Plant-based proteins are now consumed almost as often as fish

Core meal occasions are most relevant for consumers to consider incorporating proteins. Consumers across age groups prefer plant-based protein in prepared food.

Social listening reveals healthy snacks is one of the most talked-about topics on social media. Consumer discussions around snacks has the highest engagement.

Healthy snacks is one of the most talked-about topics on social media

Only 2 in 10 consumers think that plant protein is extremely good tasting

Positioning focus on health, sustainability, and taste

Consumers are interested in foods that are good for them and the environment. At the same time, they want their food to taste great. By focusing on these three key parameters, brands can attract more consumers.